Teeth in a day

New tooth in just one day!

Currently, it is possible to place fixed teeth in a day in Delaware. This technique is known as teeth in a day or immediate load implants. This means that after 24 hours, or at the same time as the titanium implants are placed, we can place temporary fixed teeth that will be worn during the months of osseointegration/healing of the implant. After several months the final fixed teeth will be placed.

You can leave Southern Delaweare Dental Specialist with fixed provisional teeth and you do not have to be without teeth at any time nor dentures!!!

It is a common technique that implant specialists with a lot of experience like dr sanz can easily perform. It is seen in a lot of commercials on TV and Dr sanz is a master on this technique

The technigue of tooth replacement in one day will avoid the transition from having natural teeth to wearing a denture which can be very traumatic for the patient.