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Why Your Smile Is Your Most Important Feature

Want to do better in business, become more sociable and add romance into your life? Your smile could be the one secret you need to work on.

Healthy smiling can give you more than admiring looks. A smiling face will portray you as an outgoing, intelligent person worth knowing.

Unfortunately, our smiles inevitably change with age. Studies show that while children smile over 400 times a day, adults only smile 15 to 20 times a day. This is hugely due to unavoidable changes in facial structure, and others like yellowing teeth and tooth decay, which dentists in southern Delaware can help you fix.

In this piece, we’ll highlight five of the top reasons why your smile matters and give you workable tips that will restore your smile, even as you age.

  • A Smile Is an Instant Mood Booster

Did you know that a smile is enough to boost your serotonin and dopamine levels? Smiling will also reduce your stress and boost your immunity.

Even when not particularly cheerful, try turning your lips upward and see the magic that will do to you. Yes! Even faking a smile works. It will take you less effort with time, and before knowing, you’ll naturally start feeling a little more upbeat.

  • Your Smile Is Your Trademark Feature

Your smile is the most recognizable part of your face. Studies show that people can identify others from 300 feet away, thanks to their smiles. 

Think about any of the most incredible smiles you know from anywhere. From your parents, siblings to your favorite celebrity, there are some smiles you can identify in microseconds. Why not make an effort to smile better?

  • Smiling Affects Your Facial Structure

Your teeth and jawbone are directly connected to your lips and cheeks. Hence, they play a significant role in the appearance of your smile. 

Missing teeth can make the skin and tissue around it change shape. Lack of daily stimulation and daily growth from tooth contact can cause the alveolar bone to weaken and deteriorate.

With time, this can make your cheeks sink in and have you looking older. The good part? A Delaware dentist can revitalize your vibrant reflection through a dental implant.

  • Smiling Makes You Sound Friendly

Ever wondered why customer service associates are usually trained to smile? Even over-the-phone attendants are often taught to “smile with their voice.” 

Why? Smiles are a crucial way of building trust, brand loyalty and creating a friendly and reliable appearance. This is precisely what a healthy mouth and smile will give you.

  • Add 7 Years into Your Life

Besides being a powerful immunity booster, the health benefits of smiling can add more life to you.

One of the most compelling studies about this was done in the 1950s. A collection of professional baseball players’ photographs examined showed that those who smiled genuinely lived an average of seven years more than those who did not smile at all.

Get Yourself The Gift Of A Remarkable Smile Today! 

There are 19 different kinds of smiles, according to a UC San Francisco researcher. These can be categorized into two: Social or polite smiles that we flash to fit in, feign enjoyment or mask our true feelings, and sincere smiles that reveal genuine happiness.

Smiling gives many professional and personal benefits that make it worth it to provide yourself with the smile you deserve. With a great smile, you will have better relationships and ooze confidence. Whatever your smiling trigger is, you can always smile better and more.

Best Approach to Smiling Better?

Basic mouth cleaning is not enough. It’s time to discuss with your dentist the options available to fix your smile. For ruined or broken teeth, the ideal choice may be to do dental implants. A tooth whitening procedure will also boost your smile if you have yellowed or colored teeth. Adding braces, veneers, bonding, lip and jaw lifting can also enhance your dental looks and elevate your smile.

For all your Delaware dental care needs, talk to us today. Many of our patients are usually overwhelmed with emotions upon finally seeing their beautiful smiles in the mirror. After years of hiding, they become relieved to yet have a smile that they are proud of. You could be next.