dental implant

Why opt for a dental implant?


In simple words, a dental implant in Southern Delaware is an artificial replacement for your lost natural tooth. Dental implants in Southern Delaware are considered the next big thing, the best and the closest alternative to replacing the natural tooth as they replicate a natural tooth’s functions elegantly.

A dental implant in Southern Delaware consists of a screw that is placed inside the jaw bone surgically. Once the dental implant integrates with the jawbone, it acts like the root of the tooth, and over this, a crown, bridge, or denture can be placed. 

Unlike the traditional dental bridge and removable dentures, a dental implant placed by a skilled and efficient periodontist like Dr. Sanz at Southern Delaware Dental Specialists is fixed and firmly adhered to by the jaw bone. This provides improved stability, making chewing and talking more efficient than traditional teeth replacement options. 

Dental implants near you in Southern Delaware are an excellent option and a wise choice for a person who is healthy and in a good medical and oral state but has lost some or all their teeth due to periodontal diseases, trauma, dental decay, or various other reasons. Dental implants in Southern Delaware look and feel similar to natural teeth, and once placed, they can be forgotten. No need for continuous changes, no worry about bone loss or facial sagging. 

Dental implants placed skillfully by Dr. Sanz at Southern Delaware Dental Specialists also improve your chewing capability, which is reduced drastically with a traditional denture. Now, you can maintain good nutrition and eat your favorite food instead of avoiding it. Dental Implants near you in Southern Delaware also doesn’t rely on adjacent teeth for support as the support is harnessed directly from the bone like a natural tooth. This way, the remaining teeth are saved and not affected as they would have been with a conventional prosthesis like a dental bridge. No other teeth are lost or manipulated to fit an implant which happens while placing a traditional dental bridge. 

Natural teeth can withstand a force of 540lbs/ sq. inch, whereas dentures can hardly withstand 10% of this pressure. In comparison, a dental implant provided at our clinic in Southern Delaware can withstand chewing forces of up to 450lbs/sq.inch. This is a massive difference that already proves the superiority of dental implants over conventional teeth replacement options. Dental implants are also easy to maintain; brush twice a day and floss as you usually would. There is no need for any special care and no chance of it falling out in public and being a cause of embarrassment as they are fixed to the bone.

A dental implant in Southern Delaware is manufactured by using a surgical grade titanium alloy to exacting specifications, which is safe and compatible with the human body. Dental implants are aesthetically and functionally much superior to other tooth-replacement alternatives. Although dental implants can be a little expensive, it is a one-time investment as they last a lifetime if maintained properly. At Southern Delaware Dental Specialist, you can get your teeth replaced by dental implants at a much cost-effective rate; we also have payment plans and accept insurance to ensure that nothing stands between you and excellent oral health. If you think you might need teeth replacement, opting for dental implants near your in Southern Delaware is your best choice. You can schedule an appointment with us at Southern Delaware Dental Specialists or contact us, and our fantastic team will be there to assist you. Till then, keep healthy and keep smiling!