gums treatment

Why do I need to get gums treatment?

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Treatment of gums disease is very important for the long-term functioning of your teeth. Gums are soft tissue surrounding the teeth. Gums are firmly attached to the bone and form a seal around the teeth also provide support to teeth. There are a lot of questions and confusions about the gums disease among people. 

How do I know I have gum disease?  Have you ever observed blood when you spit during brushing? If yes, then it is the first warning sign of gum disease. It is usually followed by gum swelling.  You can notice reddish swollen gums that can be painful. Bad breath is the next thing to happen. These are symptoms of full-blown gum disease.

Is it necessary to get gums treated early? Yes, it is very important to get your gums treated as soon as possible. If you don’t get your gums treated on time then it will lead to tooth loss, as gums disease progresses it damages periodontal ligament which attaches the tooth to the bone. Advanced gum disease may cause osteomyelitis because bacteria involving in gum disease can penetrate in surrounding bone causing its infection. Untreated gums disease may cause heart problems Such as prosthetic  valve infections.

Gums disease is frequently caused by poor oral hygiene, smoking or chewing tobacco, hormonal changes such as pregnancy menopause, nutritional deficiencies, malaligned teeth or crooked teeth and systemic diseases such as uncontrolled diabetes. Gum diseases can easily be prevented by maintaining good oral hygiene and frequent visits to the dentist. 

Different treatment options employed for gum diseases such as : Professional cleaning, this procedure is named scaling and root planing and gums graft surgery. For most of the gums diseases you’ll require professional cleaning process. Some patients try to avoid this and rely on medications but there is no such a magic drug that can treat gums disease. You always require professional help to get gums disease treated.

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