bone grafting

Why do I need bone grafting?

Dental bone grafting becomes necessary when there is bone loss in the jaws. Bone grafting is commonly done prior to dental implant placement. A bone graft adds volume to your jawbone. Bone grafts can be autogenous, meaning they are harvested from some other bone of your own body. Allografts are bone grafts that are sourced from the tissue banks and are harvested from someone else and then treated. The other types are alloplastic, which is artificial bone grafts, and xenografts, which are derived from animals. 

Dental implants require a certain amount of bone to be present for successful placement. In cases where bone loss has been extreme, and there is not enough bone present, bone grafting is recommended prior to dental implant placement. In the upper jaw, sinus lift surgery is done combined with bone grafting to create space for implant placement. 

If one has been without teeth for a long time, the jawbone begins to wear off as it does not serve its intended purpose anymore. In such cases, dentures cannot be made as they won’t fit. So, in such cases, too, bone grafting is done prior to denture fabrication. 

Gum diseases also destroy the jawbone and loosen the teeth. Flap surgeries are often done to save teeth in such cases. Bone grafting may also be recommended in such cases. 

Bone grafts create a scaffold over the area, which leads to the formation of new bone, thus promoting bone growth. This is the reason why bone grafting is done. 

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