Why are dental x-rays needed?

Dental x-rays, better known as dental radiographs, are images of your teeth that allow a dentist to evaluate the teeth and surrounding structures. These are commonly used in a dental office, and the procedure is quite simple. Dental radiographs capture the inside of your teeth with the help of extremely low-level radiation or x-rays. These x-rays penetrate the teeth and surrounding structure and yield an image that is used to diagnose and treat dental illnesses. 

If you have recently been advised to go for a dental x-ray at Southern Delaware Dental Specialists, you may be wondering why? Read ahead as we elaborate on the need and uses of dental x-rays. 

As mentioned, above dental x-rays helps us to evaluate and analyze teeth and nearby structures. This allows us to arrive at a diagnosis and plan a treatment plan accordingly. Dental x-rays are used to detect the following problems –

  • Dental decay. Dental x-rays allow us to see the extent of dental cavities. They are exceptionally helpful when there is a small area of decay between two teeth, as this is often not visible to the naked eye. 
  • Dental x-rays can also show the areas of damage and decay beneath an existing dental filling. 
  • Dental x-rays are used to assess bone loss and evaluate the degree of its severity. 
  • It helps identify any infection present with the root of the tooth. 
  • It shows abscesses and cysts present in the oral cavity. 
  • Dental x-rays are needed between root canal treatment to ensure that the treatment progresses properly. 
  • It helps evaluate the jawbone and remaining teeth which helps dentists plan for dental implants, dentures, or dental bridges. 
  • It shows the exact position of wisdom teeth, which can help us understand if the teeth are impacted, infected, or will erupt normally.