Treatment for Bleeding Gums and Bad Breath

Treatment for Bleeding Gums and Bad Breath

What causes gums to bleed? Surprisingly, the same bacteria that can contribute to halitosis (chronic bad breath.) The health of your gums plays an integral role in preserving and stabilizing your teeth. Unfortunately, they usually don’t get as much attention as teeth do. That’s why it can catch you off guard when they suddenly seem to experience chronic inflammation, bleeding, recession, and a foul odor. 

Why There’s a Problem

In nearly all cases, bleeding gums combined with bad breath are linked back to periodontal disease. During your exam, our Sussex County dentists will assess your gum tissues and bone height. We’ll even measure the attachment levels around each tooth. 

If you have significant tartar buildup and plaque deposits under the gums, it can cause them to detach and create “pockets” around each tooth. These areas of infection strain your immune system, lead to chronic bleeding, and also cause a foul odor until they’re treated. 

Deep Cleanings

Periodontal therapy such as deep cleanings (scaling and root planing) targets bacterial infections just under your gums. As we remove the heavy buildup that’s cemented to your tooth structure, we create an environment that facilitates healing. Once all of the bacteria are removed, you can maintain the areas through daily home care with the goal of achieving healing and gum re-attachment. 

During a deep cleaning, we’re completely removing all of the buildup that is out of reach of your toothbrush and floss. In fact, it’s too calcified to remove with anything other than special dental equipment. 

When Brushing and Flossing Doesn’t Help

Minor gingivitis — which causes bleeding gums — can typically be reversed at home. It takes two weeks of rigorous home care and flossing. But if swelling and bleeding don’t improve, it’s likely due to heavy buildup where you can’t reach. 

Our periodontist will work with you to clean these areas and create a modified home plan to maintain them between visits. More than likely, you’ll want to schedule more frequent cleanings and invest in a water flosser (to clean deep, hard-to-reach pockets.) 

Healthy Gums Don’t Bleed

Chronic gum bleeding and a foul odor is indicative to an underlying oral infection. Without treatment, it can also raise your risk of other medical problems. Numerous scientific studies continue to show a relationship between conditions like diabetes, stroke, heart attack, and even infertility with aggressive gum disease. The good news is that treating your periodontal infection can positively impact your overall wellness at the same time. Ultimately the main goal is to get rid of the bacteria lurking deep under your gum tissues. 

Gum Specialist in Georgetown

Southern Delaware Dental Specialists offers comprehensive gum and periodontal therapy in Sussex County. Even though halitosis can be a sensitive topic, we can help you to discreetly treat your bad breath and get it under control again. 

Don’t mask the symptoms with breath mints or strong mouthwash — those can actually make it worse. Contact our multi-specialty dental clinic today to reserve a private exam and consultation.