Childrens Orthodontist

Sussex County Childrens Orthodontist

[vc_row rt_row_background_width=”fullwidth” rt_row_content_width=”default” rt_row_style=”default-style” rt_row_borders=”” rt_row_shadows=”” rt_row_paddings=”true” rt_bg_effect=”classic” rt_bg_image_repeat=”repeat” rt_bg_size=”cover” rt_bg_position=”right top” rt_bg_attachment=”scroll” rt_bg_video_format=”self-hosted”][vc_column rt_column_shadow=”” rt_bg_image_repeat=”repeat” rt_bg_size=”auto auto” rt_bg_attachment=”scroll”][vc_column_text]The american association of orthodontists recommends an orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7.  In most cases, the ideal age for braces and other orthodontic treatments is between 10 and 14 years of age. Moving and correcting the alignment of the teeth can be done in a more efficient way when growth is occuring.  Adults can also correct their tooth position with orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Pancko is an orthodontic specialist in Sussex County and member of the american association of orthodontists.  She has extensive experience with treating a variety of malocclusions and is able to provide only the most technologically up-to-date treatment  in Delaware due to her experience and educational background.  It is important to choose an orthodontic specialist since they have additional training and will be able to treat you in the best manner possible.

In order to evaluate if your child needs braces in sussex county, it is important to have an evaluation with an orthodontist.  Sometimes, patients need early treatment when they have incorrect jaw growth such as a narrow palate or a lower jaw that is too large for their upper jaw in order to prevent more invasive treatment in the future such as orthongathic surgery,.  

It is important to have a correct relation between the upper and lower jaws as well as proper tooth alignment.  Poorly positioned teeth is just not an esthetic problem but can afffect chewing and breathing. 

At southern Delaware dental specialists, our orthodontic specialist Dr Nancy Pancko accepts all insurances in order to provide you with the most affordable orthodontic treatment.  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]