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Straight teeth are important for the health of your teeth

If you have crooked teeth, your major concern is esthetics but overlapped or crowded teeth also makes your teeth at risk of cavities and periodontal disease.

Your orthodontist specialist in Georgetown, Dr Pancko, has helped thousands of patients to straighten crooked teeth in Delaware. Invisalign or braces are some of the different treatment options that your dentist specialist in orthodontic provides in Delaware.

Difficult Oral Hygiene

Brushing and flossing can be challenging if your teeth are crooked. You can miss some of the spots of your teeth to be clean leading to cavities and periodontal disease. Your gums will bleed and bone loss may occur if you are not able to use the floss properly.

Broken Teeth

Teeth can break if they are positioned incorrectly. Also, any kind of restoration, crowns, white fillings, tend not to last if teeth are missaligned.

Bite Problems and TMJ pain.

The temporomandibular joints, or TMJs, connect the mandible to the skull. Misalignment of your bite can damage these joints creating pain in the ears, muscle aches, headaches, and other issues.

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