Periodontist Sussex County

Periodontist in Sussex County


 A periodontist is a specialist dentist who deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal diseases and specializes in the placement of dental implants. To become a periodontist, one must complete four years of dental school to become a general dentist and then do a three-year post-graduate residency program in Periodontics and Implantology. The three-year residency consists of many oral and written examinations, thesis presentations combined with patient management under strict supervision.

The three-year residency program prepares an American board-certified Periodontist like Dr. Javier Sanz at Southern Delaware Dental Specialists to treat gum diseases, perform delicate periodontal surgeries and place implants to replace missing teeth. 


If you are experiencing painful, swollen, or bleeding gums, chances are you are suffering from a gum disease that requires the immediate attention of a periodontist near you. The leading cause of gum diseases is bacteria-laden plaque and tartar, which accumulate over the tooth surface and even near and below the gum lines. These bacteria release toxic byproducts and cause inflammation of the gums. 

Other than this, if you are experiencing loose teeth, receding gums, or have a gummy smile, a board-certified periodontist like Dr. Sanz can help you treat it with various non-surgical and periodontal surgical approaches. 

You will also need a periodontist in Sussex County if you are looking forward to replacing missing teeth with dental implants. In other words, if you are facing any oral health issues with regards to the gums, you need to see a periodontist. 

Sometimes, during your routine oral health check-up, your regular dentist may also suggest you see a periodontist if they notice any signs of advancing gum diseases. 

Your gums act as a barrier and help prevent inflammation in the body. Moreover, gum diseases are also linked to poor sugar control in diabetics, heart diseases, stroke, and even premature birth. A periodontist – Sussex County will help you towards impeccable oral and overall health by keeping gum diseases away. 

If you face any gum-related problems or wish to get your missing teeth replaced by a dental implant in Sussex County, schedule an appointment with us at Southern Delaware Dental Specialists and consult our board-certified periodontist today. 


Dr. Sanz, a periodontist in Southern Delaware, treats various gum diseases by non-surgical and surgical methods. 

NON-SURGICAL PERIODONTAL TREATMENTS include scaling and root planing for effective tartar removal from deep under the gumline. These procedures may also be supplemented with a course of antibiotics for optimum prophylaxis and gum infection resolution. 

SURGICAL PERIODONTAL TREATMENTS are done in situations where gum diseases have progressed. To fix receded and pulled back gums, our periodontist will do a grafting procedure in which they will take a tissue graft from elsewhere in the mouth and fix it over the receded gum area to establish the gum height. 

– A periodontist also does bone grafting and bone regenerative procedures in Sussex County to encourage bone and tissue growth. 

– Dental crown lengthening procedures and gingivectomy. 

– Treatment of gummy smile.

– laser treatments.

– Aesthetics procedures. 

– Sinus augmentation surgeries.

– Dental implant placement for missing teeth. 

If you think you may be in need of a periodontist in Sussex County, call us and schedule an appointment today. In case of any more questions or queries, please reach out to us, and our team of excellent dental professionals will be there to assist you in your journey to better health.