Take care orthodontic treatment

How to take care of your teeth during Orthodontic treatment

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy during orthodontic treatment is crucial and may even require more effort to keep the teeth from decaying. The primary goal of orthodontic treatment is to have a straight, well aligned and healthy set of teeth but in the absence of good oral health, gum diseases, cavities and bad breath may develop, therefore it’s important to make sure all necessary steps are being taken to achieve the best results.

Good oral health

Our specialist dentist at Dental Delaware will emphasise on how proper brushing techniques must be practised, with the bristles of the tooth brush placed at the gum line at 45 degrees, and moved up in gentle vibratory motions. Care must be ensued to not damage the wire and not use too much pressure while brushing. The same should be followed for above the wire, making sure all surfaces are reached thoroughly to dismantle any plaque buildup.
Flossing is another important habit that must be adopted, to reach all surfaces of the tooth, especially in between two teeth where tooth brush bristles are not able to reach properly.

Foods to avoid

Certain foods must be avoided during on-going orthodontic treatment to prevent the metal components of the braces from breaking, including:

  • -uNs
  • Corn on the cob
  • Hard candy
  • Popcorn
  • Chewy sweets

Playing sports

Playing sports is completely safe, however a mouth guard is recommended in sports where close contact is expected with other people.

At Southern Dental Delaware Specialists, our goal is to help you make the most out of your braces treatment, including teaching you how to take care of them and keep them in good shape. Our team of specialists will provide you with all necessary guidelines to make your experience comfortable and smooth.