Fiber post for strengthening teeth after root canal treatment

Fiber post is a method of restoring heavily destroyed teeth that are undergoing root canal treatment. Sometimes, if dental decay is not treated early, it advances to a level where most of the tooth structure is destroyed. The remaining tooth structure is so tiny that it cannot be restored by normal therapeutic methods. In such cases, fiber post: a thin cylindrical fixture is used. 

Fiber posts are inserted inside the tooth’s root canal. First, your dentist at Southern Delaware Dental Specialists will open the tooth by removing the infected structure. Next, the tooth roots are emptied and cleaned. Once done, fiber posts, depending upon the number of roots, are placed inside the canal. The remaining root canal is filled with a root canal-filling material. The fiber post extends a little into the crown portion. This forms a foundation for the filling material. The lost structure is rebuilt around the fiber post. 

Fiber posts provide a structure and help in rebuilding the lost tooth material. It strengthens the tooth after a root canal treatment and prevents further complications. It allows the tooth to function normally and saves it from being extracted. Fiber posts form an essential part of conservative treatments for heavily damaged teeth. 

It is vital to remember that although we now have a wide variety of brilliant teeth replacement options, nothing can compare to our original teeth. Therefore, dentists will do their all to preserve and save your natural teeth, and fiber posts are one such method of doing so. 

If you wish to save your pearly whites and have a glistening smile, then reach out to us today. Our team of excellent dental professionals is here to assist you and your family with excellent oral and overall health.