smoking teeth

Effects of smoking on teeth

We all know smoking is bad for us; it is terrible for our health, can lead to cancer, and is a major cause of cardiovascular disorders. In addition, smoking and tobacco consumption also has adverse effects on the health of our teeth and mouth as a whole. In this blog, we will shed light on the effects of smoking. 

Stained teeth

Smoking causes your teeth to discolor and stains them yellowish brown over long-term use.

Sensitive teeth 

Smoking compromises the structural integrity of teeth and wears them down, which can cause sensitivity to cold and cold foods and liquids.

Dental decay

The compromised structural integrity of the teeth makes them susceptible to bacterial acid attack, which leads to dental decay. People who are chronic smokers tend to have a higher incidence of dental cavities. 

Gum diseases 

Smoking can lead to inflammation of the gums and cause gum diseases. In addition, it can also cause gums to discolor.

Canker sores

Smokers are susceptible to canker sores. They usually appear as small, round sores on the tongue, cheek, gums, roof, or floor of the mouth. They are often painful and cause eating and talking difficulties.

Decreases taste perception

Heavy and chronic smoking leads to lowering of taste perception. 

Bad breath

Smoking leads to a typical bad breath and contributes to plaque accumulation.

Slower healing 

Smoking affects the way your wounds heal and lowers your immunity. You may experience slower healing post-dental surgeries like dental extractions. In addition, smokers are more prone to dental infections like a dry socket post-dental surgeries.

Oral cancers

Smoking is a known cause of oral cancer. If you notice a lump or a non-healing ulcer on the gums, tongue, or inside of the cheek, it may suggest oral cancer. It is imperative to get it checked and treated immediately by a skilled periodontist in Southern Delaware. 

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