Teeth Cleaning

Do I need teeth cleaning?

“Do I really need teeth cleaning?” 

“Why do I need to go for teeth cleaning?”

If these questions are running in your head after a dental visit, let us put your mind at ease with this blog. 

Ideally, it would help if you went for a dental cleaning once every six months, and there is a solid reason for it.

Our mouth is a host to millions of bacteria that can cause dental decay and gum diseases under the right circumstances. Our mouth naturally produces a sticky layer called a biofilm every day, where the bacteria reside. Over time, if proper hygiene is not maintained, this gets converted to plaque. The bacteria in the plaque metabolizes sugars from the food we eat and release toxic and acidic substances. The plaque can harden over time and form a tenacious layer known as calculus, commonly known as tartar. Dental cleaning aims to remove this plaque and tartar deposits on the surfaces of the teeth and gums. This ensures your mouth, and you are healthy and disease-free. 

However, another question comes to mind, what if you brush regularly and floss? Do you still need to go for a regular dental cleaning? The answer is yes. Even after careful oral hygiene, some plaque and tartar can still form on the surfaces of the teeth, which mandates dental cleaning for optimal oral health. Moreover, regular dental visits and cleaning give your dentist a chance to examine your mouth at regular intervals. This means any oral disease, if present, can be evaluated and treated at the earliest to avoid any complications. 

Therefore, it is recommended that you visit us at Southern Delaware Dental Specialists at regular intervals to ensure you have a healthy mouth and to keep your pearly whites shining.