Dentist accepting medicaid

Dentist Accepting Medicaid (in Georgetown)

Finding a dentist in Georgetown that accepts Medicaid can be challenging. By the time you find one, they may not even have enough available appointments to make it possible to be seen. But when you’re able to connect with a Medicaid dental team of providers, you have access to better flexibility, expanded services, and can bring your entire family to the same dentist’s office.

Does Medicaid Cover Dental Treatment? 

Yes. Medicaid covers certain types of dental treatments for patients who qualify. From dental checkups and cleanings to orthodontics and dental fillings, Medicaid makes it possible to access medically necessary dental care for your qualifying family members. Even dental extractions and crowns are covered by Medicaid when they’re required. 

As experienced Medicaid dentists in Sussex County, we’re familiar with the ins and outs of Medicaid dental plans. Having seen first-hand what qualifies as covered (or doesn’t) makes it easier to help you navigate the dental care process. 

Dental diseases like tooth decay are one of the most common types of childhood illnesses. As such, Medicaid plans are designed to help cover basic dental care like fillings. By intercepting cavities as early as possible, your family can avoid unnecessary dental emergencies like toothaches, abscessed teeth, or future tooth loss. Decay has the ability to spread from one tooth to the next, so treating it while it’s small is better for individual teeth as well as your overall smile. 

Can Any Dentist Accept Medicaid? 

The only dentists in Georgetown who accept Medicaid are those who have gone through a rigid and detailed contract process. There are specific requirements that dental offices must meet in order to file and receive Medicaid funds on behalf of their patients, and when they do, they’re required to provide those services to a large number of patients. As such, there tend to be fewer Medicaid dentists. 

Sussex County Medicaid Dentist

Not all dentists in Georgetown accept Medicaid. Only specific Sussex County dental providers partner with Medicaid plans. As a multi-specialty practice, we’re able to provide everything from basic family and pediatric dental services to orthodontics and gum treatment. 

We work closely with Medicaid to tabulate service codes and fees for applicable members. That way your family can access treatments in a timely and affordable manner. As a licensed Medicaid dentist, there are strict protocols that we must follow in order to pass those savings on to our patients. Our financial coordinators and management team are consistently monitoring the approval process for the patients who fit this need category. It’s just one of the ways we’re able to ensure our community has access to medically necessary dental care for their families. 

Georgetown Dentist Accepting Medicaid

Southern Delaware Dental Specialists is a Medicaid dentist in Georgetown, Delaware. If you’re looking for affordable — yet high quality — dentistry with an approved Medicaid provider, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of family and specialty dentists make it convenient for you to access the care you need in a central, friendly location. 

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