Dental Pain

Dental Pain

Dental pain can be described as pain occurring in teeth or radiating to surrounding tissues as a result of a dental disease or injury.

Common causes of dental pain

Dental pain may occur due to various reasons and Dr. Sanz at Dental Delaware will diagnose the condition to provide the appropriate treatment.
If we look at the most broadly classified causes of dental pain, they may be:

  • Tooth decay which causes inflammation and often times the patient is unable to pinpoint the exact location of the origin of pain. The line of treatment is to remove any caries present and do a permanent filling or an RCT depending on the extent of decay.
  • Gum disease, if progressed may be accompanied by an abscess, which is a pus filled sac. Bleeding, swelling, tenderness of the gum are typical presentations seen with pain in a situation like this. Our board certified periodontist at Delaware, Dr. Sanz will do drainage of the pus, under local anaesthesia followed by debridement and saltwater rinses.
  • Injury due to trauma which may result in the tooth getting chipped, broken or fractured.

What to expect when you go to the dentist with toothache?

Dr. Sanz at Delaware is an expert in his field and will begin by taking a thorough patient history. Questions regarding the pain, like severity, type of pain, relieving factors, aggravating factors may be asked as part procedure and then a clinical checkup will follow. X-rays may also be taken depending on what Dr. Sanz suspects to be the reason for your dental pain. Whatever the problem, our specialist at Delaware will provide you with world class treatment, relieving you of any pain and stress caused due to it. If you have any questions, please book an appointment and we would be here to assist you in any way.