Covid 19 Oral Health

Covid-19 and oral health

Is your systemic health related to your oral hygiene?

Oral and systemic health are both directly linked and progression of oral disease has strong systemic implications. In the case of poor oral hygiene, gum disease develops which may increase in severity overtime. Bacteria play a major role in the advancement of oral disease, as a colony of bacteria exists in the mouth at all times, however often times in the presence of poor oral health, the bacterial colony changes from good to bad anaerobic pathogens. Due to this, bacteria overgrow and as the person inhales, there is a migration and elimination of these oral bacteria into the lungs. These pathogens which are associated with oral disease, modify the lining of the respiratory tract and lungs, sticking to it and eventually colonising and growing in number. Cytokines are then released, which affect the lungs and pneumonia develops eventually. P. Intermedia, P. Gingivalis are commonly found bacteria in the mouth as well as in cases of diabetes and heart disease, both of which are dangerous predecessors of Covid-19. Periodontal disease also shows to have heightened Interleukin 2, 6, and 10 levels all of which are also shown to be increased in Covid-19 patients.

Periodontitis is an inflammatory condition of the mouth and it can be compared to the hyper-inflammatory responses seen in Covid-19 infections. The disease causing pathogens induced as a result of periodontal disease spread to other parts of the body if left untreated. Studies have shown Covid-19 severity to be enhanced in patients with poor oral health, and patients with gum disease and infected with Covid are 8.8 times at higher risk than those without gingival diseases.

How can we help as dentists?

It’s our duty at Dental Delaware to educate our patients regarding this and help them improve their oral health conditions in a way to stop the progression of oral disease. Dr. Sanz at Delaware will provide the necessary treatment to stop the progression of your oral disease to help you counter this and keep you at a lower risk of Covid-19 and it’s complications.