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Cost of Dental Implants – How Much are Dental Implants?

There are two big factors that come into play when someone starts to consider getting dental implants. One is whether they qualify for the treatment (physically and medically, that is) and the other is how much the dental implants cost. Although it’s common to see ads that say things like “Dental Implants starting at $900”, there are some important things to keep in mind that can drastically impact the total cost of your care. 

Number of Implants You Need

The number of implants you need doesn’t necessarily match the number of teeth you’re missing. For instance, you might only need two dental implants to support a 3-4 tooth bridge in that part of your mouth. In another area you may only need one implant since it’s a single tooth that’s missing. A full arch prosthesis can uses as few as four implants total to restore your entire upper or lower row of teeth. 

When you put it that way, the cost of dental implants does not necessarily depend on how many teeth are missing. So, the cost per tooth could be lower or higher in some spaces. 

Type of Implant Restoration You Choose

Dental implants are the “root” portion of your new tooth. You’ll also need a restoration to go on top of it. You have the choice of a single crown, multi-tooth bridge, hybrid appliance (like an “All-on-4”) or a removable overdenture. These costs must be factored into your treatment plan, since they’re what essentially finishes off your implant therapy. 

Supporting Therapies

Dental implant costs are just one facet of restoring your smile. It may be that our Sussex County dentist needs to extract a diseased tooth, place a bone graft, or even perform a sinus lift in order to create a space healthy enough to place the implant itself. These extra steps don’t necessary change the cost of dental implants, but they do play into your overall expenditures. 

Your Insurance Coverage

Do you carry dental insurance? Our financial coordinators will call to verify your coverage and get a breakdown of your benefits schedule. From there we can tabulate how much insurance pays for your dental implants and what deductibles are due. 

Side Note: You can use your health savings or flex spending account to help cover your dental implant treatment!

Get a Customized Quote

Ultimately the best way to know exactly how much dental implants will cost in your specific situation is to visit with our Georgetown dentists. We’ll thoroughly evaluate your bite, oral anatomy, and discuss what goals you have in mind. If possible, we’ll present two or three options for you to consider. We’ll also work up your insurance coverage and review flexible payment options that are available. You’ll have all of the information you need about the exact cost of our Sussex County implants (no ifs, ands, or buts) and it’s up to you whether you want to move forward with treatment. 

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