Tooth loss

Consequences of Teeth Loss

Tooth loss can occur due to numerous reasons, the most common being dental caries which is tooth decay. Apart from this, teeth loss can also be attributed to periodontal diseases, infections, cancer, trauma, and improper dental procedures.

Your tooth is firmly held in place by its roots that are embedded in your jaw bone. Bad oral hygiene leads to the accumulation of tartar that leads to gum diseases and infection. This can further lead to pain, swelling, receding, bleeding gums, bone destruction, and lose teeth, eventually leading to tooth loss.

At Southern Delaware Dental Specialist Dr. Sanz, our highly skilled periodontist, urges you to address your oral health issues with urgency to prevent complications and avoid tooth loss. Losing teeth can have a severe impact on your oral health as well as general well-being. 

Dr. Sanz at Southern Delaware explains that even a single lost tooth can wreak havoc on the sanctity of your oral harmony. Once the tooth is lost, it creates a space in your mouth. The remaining teeth become free to shift into this space. Also, since there are no teeth present, your jawbone in the area of the missing teeth will begin to undergo the process of resorption. You will face difficulties with everyday activities like chewing and speech. It also affects the appearance of your smile and can put a dent in your confidence. It can also lead to further tooth loss. Therefore, it is imperative to get your teeth replaced by dental implants in Southern Delaware by a skilled periodontist as soon as possible before the resorption process starts and the spaces start closing. 

Losing multiple teeth or losing all your teeth also changes your facial structures. The jawbone’s function is to house your teeth; once the teeth are lost, the bone no longer serves its intended purpose and undergoes the process of resorption. Dr. Sanz at Southern Delaware Dental Specialist explains how the jawbone can get thinner with time if the lost teeth are not replaced. The entire jaw shrinks and, in late stages collapses, this is termed as facial collapse. This deterioration of the upper and lower jaw bone changes the appearance of the face entirely and leads to facial sagging. The bone height is lost, and the overall length of the face decreases. Some vital structures and nerves are also now exposed to the oral environment causing pain and discomfort. Loss of teeth leads to a severely compromised chewing. This also leads to restricted dietary habits, may lead to incomplete nutrition and digestive problems. 

Further, teeth loss also affects the quality of speech. Speech is intimately related to the presence of teeth, jawbones, tongue, and lips. The loss of teeth, shrinkage of jawbones, and lip collapse disturb the entire system, leading to altered and impaired speech. The speech’s quality is entirely changed, and certain sounds slip and cannot be heard clearly. This leads to difficulty in communication and expressing oneself. 

All these disabilities can severely affect an individual’s self-confidence, which can cause anxiety and mental stress.

However, all this can be avoided by taking care of your teeth by practicing good oral hygiene and scheduling regular appointments with a skilled periodontist near you like Dr. Sanz at Southern Delaware.

Replacing lost teeth with dental implants in Southern Delaware slows down the process of resorption and helps you eliminate all the painful complications of tooth loss. Dental Implants in Southern Delaware are the best alternative to replacing lost teeth as they imitate natural teeth very closely. Dental implants placed near you at Southern Delaware Dental Specialist by Dr. Sanz help restore your chewing and speech capabilities to normal as well. Dental Implants have taken the dental world by storm, and rightfully so, they are the best and the most superior tooth replacement alternatives and, once placed by a skilled periodontist like Dr. Sanz in Southern Delaware, can last a lifetime.