porcelain crowns

Case Report: See how porcelain crowns can change your smile.

We have often said that the best way to judge a clinic is to check out its cases. This time we thought we would introduce porcelain crowns and how they can change your smile and life. 

The above photos are of a patient who came to our clinic, Southern Delaware Dental Specialists, with a complaint of discolored and crooked teeth. The patient was visibly upset and concerned about their smile. However, they requested an approach that did not include orthodontic treatments. After a thorough oral examination, a treatment plan was made to give this patient the smile they desired. 

We planned for porcelain crowns for a complete smile designing. Initially, the patient was called for teeth cleaning. Next, an impression was taken, which allowed us to analyze their smile. An in-depth discussion with the patient allowed us to understand their perspective and what they wanted. 

We showed them a digitized image of how their smile would look post-treatment, and they couldn’t be happier. Subsequently, the teeth were slightly trimmed for alignment and creating space for dental crowns. The color was also matched during this appointment to ensure a natural-looking and glowing smile. In the next appointment, porcelain crowns were fixed with the help of dental cement, and bite was checked. Once everything was set, we revealed the new smile to our patient. The happiness in their eyes was now also reflected in their smile.

Porcelain crowns in Delaware are minimally invasive and do not require heavy tooth preparation. It is a conservative approach to creating a smile that is as dazzling as you. So, if you think you may benefit from porcelain crowns, schedule an appointment with us today. Our team of excellent and experienced dental professionals is here to assist you and your family with a healthy and glowing smile.