Brushing hard cleans better

Brushing hard cleans better: Myth or Reality?

Any dental health professional in Southern Delaware will always advise you to brush your teeth twice a day, once before bed and once when you wake up. However, you may never hear one telling you to brush hard. Still, it is widely accepted that brushing harder cleans better. Is it true or just a myth? Let’s find out!

If you go to a drug store, you can find multiple brands and varieties of toothbrushes there. Some may be labeled as hard bristled, some soft. Some toothbrushes are specifically designed for sensitive teeth. Toothbrushes can be manual or electric for extra oomph. So, which to choose?

Some people may say – hard bristled, and that’s where you would be wrong. Brushing hard does not clean better! Although you may feel that way and your teeth may feel squeaky clean, brushing harder is bad for your teeth. 

Excessive continuous forces on the teeth make them prone to wearing off. This process hastens when you brush harder. Slowly, the upper layer, that is, the enamel, will start wearing off. This leads to abrasion of the teeth. You will notice slight wearing off of the teeth, especially the front teeth. Abraded teeth become sensitive as the underlying nerves are exposed. This leads to chronic teeth sensitivity. 

Ideally, dentists in Southern Delaware will advise you to pick up a soft-bristled nylon toothbrush and a non-abrasive fluoridated toothpaste for best results. Use gentle but firm motions and cover all the surfaces of all your teeth. Floss and rinse after every meal, and you will be on track to impeccable oral health. 

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