bleeding gums treatment

Bleeding Gums Treatment

Are you noticing spots of blood when you brush your teeth in the morning? If yes, then you may be suffering from a condition known as bleeding gums. Bleeding gums are a sign of gum disease, and they must be treated as soon as possible to prevent disease progression and eventual teeth loss. 


The most common reason for bleeding gums is gum diseases (periodontal diseases) like gingivitis and periodontitis. Gum diseases are caused by sticky, bacteria-laden plaque. Gingivitis is the initial, non-destructive, and mild form of gum disease; if treated at this stage, your gums can heal and return to their proper health. However, if ignored, the condition progresses and starts destroying the bone, leading to loose teeth and teeth loss. This destructive form of gum disease is known as periodontists.

Bleeding from gums is a hallmark of gum diseases, and you need to consult a periodontist near you in Southern Delaware to get it treated. 

If you do not have gum disease but still notice bleeding gums, it can be a symptom of vitamin K or C deficiency, hormonal conditions, blood disorders, or even cancer. Therefore, it becomes imperative that you schedule an appointment with us at Southern Delaware Dental Specialist to know the reason behind your bleeding gums and get them treated. 



Brush twice a day and floss at least once every day to eliminate all the debris and tartar accumulation in your mouth. This will help you fight off the infection and strengthen your gums and teeth. 


Smoking and consumption of tobacco have long been linked with gum diseases. Therefore, for a permanent resolve, consider avoiding all tobacco products and quit smoking. Your teeth and lungs will thank you!


Regular consultation with a gum specialist at Southern Delaware Dental Specialist is needed to treat bleeding gums. Dr. Sanz will carry out a complete oral examination and evaluate your medical history to diagnose the cause of your bleeding gums. They may also suggest some oral X-rays and blood investigations to supplement their diagnosis. 

If the reason for your bleeding gums is gum disease, they will create and advise you on a treatment plan. This typically includes scaling and root planing. They may also suggest you some periodontal surgical procedure to treat your gums. Dr. Sanz may also prescribe some antibiotics to treat the infection of your gums. You may also be prescribed a medicated toothpaste and an antiseptic mouthwash until your oral condition resolves. 

However, if during the examination, the cause of your bleeding gums is found out to be a systemic condition, Dr. Sanz will refer you to the concerned specialist. Systemic diseases are known to influence gum health. Therefore, it becomes imperative to address the systemic disorder to treat bleeding gums. They will closely work with the specialist to ensure complete resolution and manage your oral and systemic problems. 

If you are experiencing bleeding gums, do not ignore them, as it can be a sign of something severe. Please schedule an appointment at Southern Delaware Dental Specialist and consult our periodontist today. You can contact us in case of any questions or further information.