Dental Specialists in Georgetown

Dental patients are able to choose from a variety of new procedures, from dental implants that may improve their smile and their dental health, to adult braces made from clear, almost invisible materials (like Invisalign). When choosing a dental specialist in Georgetown to provide the service, however, many patients may not understand the difference between a dental specialist and dentists who say they are specialized in a particular procedure… Continue reading

Invisalign Specialists in Sussex County – Georgetown

To get the smile you always wanted now its possible with Invisalign treatment! Invisalign, the orthodontics without braces that nobody notices: Invisalign is an Invisible Orthodontic treatment that moves teeth into the correct position with clear and almost invisible aligners. The main advantage is that they are removable and are custom-made for any type of … Continue reading

Incognito braces in Georgetown

Incognito braces — also called iBraces — is a unique orthodontic system that features customized brackets that are placed out of plain sight: on the backs of your teeth! They’re designed using state-of-the art technology and are appropriate for both adults and teens alike. What are Lingual Braces? The “tongue side” surface of your teeth … Continue reading

4 Tips to Find the Best Orthodontist in Georgetown, Delaware

Are you looking for the best orthodontist in Georgetown? Here are four things you’ll want to look for as you begin your journey toward a straighter smile. Ask Your Friends, Family, and Colleagues One of the best things to do if you’re looking for an orthodontist in Georgetown is to start asking around. Find out … Continue reading

Gingivitis: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Gingivitis is a reversible gum disease caused by the accumulation of bacterial plaque on the teeth. The absence of oral hygiene or incorrect brushing will lead to food not accumulation and bacteria will begin to grow between the teeth. If it is not treated, it can evolve into a more serious gum disease known as … Continue reading

Cheap Dental Implants in Delaware

Brands of dental Implants? Different prices for the same treatment? Not all materials are of the same quality and performance, and this is reflected in the price of the dental implant in Georgetown. It is important before contracting any service, especially if the price is too low, to ask your dentist in delaware about the … Continue reading