Why opt for a dental implant?

WHAT IS A DENTAL IMPLANT? In simple words, a dental implant in Southern Delaware is an artificial replacement for your lost natural tooth. Dental implants in Southern Delaware are considered the next big thing, the best and the closest alternative to replacing the natural tooth as they replicate a natural tooth’s functions elegantly. A dental … Continue reading

Consequences of Teeth Loss

Tooth loss can occur due to numerous reasons, the most common being dental caries which is tooth decay. Apart from this, teeth loss can also be attributed to periodontal diseases, infections, cancer, trauma, and improper dental procedures. Your tooth is firmly held in place by its roots that are embedded in your jaw bone. Bad … Continue reading

What do bleeding gums mean?

Do you see spots of blood when you brush your teeth in the morning or when you take a bite of an apple? Bleeding from gums during routine oral hygiene procedures or without any apparent cause can be a sign of gum diseases, but it can also point towards other complex medical conditions. Whatever may … Continue reading

How to choose your Periodontist?

An affordable general dentist is an excellent choice for routine dental health check-ups, dental fillings, root canals and addressing oral health concerns. However, if you have serious medical or oral health issues affecting your gums, the best person to diagnose, manage and treat such problems in Delaware is a periodontal specialist known as a Periodontist.  … Continue reading

What is the difference between a dentist and a periodontist?

Have you recently visited your general dentist and been informed that you need a Periodontist? Are you wondering who is a periodontist, and what do they do? Is your internet search history about finding a periodontist near you in Delaware? If your answer to any of the above question is a yes, then look no … Continue reading

Our Top Three Most Popular Dental Treatment Options  

The popularity of cosmetic dentistry is rising by the day, with more people looking for options to restore their looks and smiles. Based on research by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99.7% of adults regard a smile as an essential social asset, with 74% believing that an unattractive smile can inhibit their career success.  … Continue reading