Fluoride: Let’s debunk the myths

Fluoride is a mineral that is often considered a miracle mineral in dentistry. This is because of its protective and strengthening action on the teeth. You must have seen ads that boast about how much fluoride they have in the toothpaste. However, even though fluoride has been a part of dentistry for a long time, … Continue reading

Signs you have a dental cavity

Dental caries, commonly known as dental cavities, are among the most common dental ailments that affect more than 50% of adults in the States.  If caught early dental cavities can be treated with a typical dental filling. Unfortunately, many people report to the clinic when the cavity has advanced and needs more invasive treatments like … Continue reading

How to save a knocked-out tooth?

A knocked-out tooth can result from an injury or trauma to the face. Any sudden and precise force can cause a tooth to come out of its socket and fall off or be attached just by the gums. This type of dental injury can be frequently seen in children.  So, what to do when you … Continue reading

Why are my teeth wearing down?

Have you recently noticed that your teeth are wearing down? Teeth can wear down with age due to multiple reasons and multiple patterns. However, proper oral hygiene, nutrition, and regular dental care can ensure your pearly whites stay intact for a long time.  If you have noticed worn-down teeth, you are probably wondering why? Well, … Continue reading

Tips to avoid bad breath

Oh! How much do we despise the smell or even the thought of bad breath? A lot; many of you might answer.  If you have clicked ahead, you probably are in search of ways to avoid bad breath. So, let’s get started!  Maintain proper oral hygiene  This is no news but still an aspect that … Continue reading