incognito lingual bracesIncognito Braces Georgetown, DE

Dr. Pancko is the only provider of Incognito hidden braces in Delaware. Incognito orthodontic braces are unnoticeable since they are attached behind the teeth so only you will know that you are wearing lingual braces.

Everything that can be done with visible braces, Dr. Pancko can also do with braces on the lingual side, or back side, of your teeth. Incognito Orthodontic braces a.k.a “iBraces” are a new generation of orthodontic treatment for teens and adults.

These unique braces are created using state-of-the-art technology and are 100 percent customized to the shape of each individual patient’s teeth and dental situation. Incognito braces have the unique prescription that Dr. Nancy Pancko creates for each patient to ensure each patient gets the results they need and want. Incognito braces provide efficient and effective tooth movement while being virtually unnoticed.

Why are Incognito the best lingual brackets?

Currently, there is a great diversity of brackets on the market that are cemented to the inner side of the tooth.

They differ from each other in the material they are made of: ceramic, porcelain, metal or a gold alloy.

Incognito has exclusive benefits:

  • They are the only ones designed by computer and manufactured to fit the patient’s mouth, both the brackets and the arches.
  • They are, therefore, very advanced technologically.
  • They are made in a gold alloy that allows to obtain a bracket of a much thinner thickness.