Bone grafts

bone grafting

Implants and bone grafting in Delaware.

It is key to have sufficient and good quality of jaw bone for the succes of dental implants.

After radiographic evaluation by the implantologist in Georgetown, it will be determined whether there is sufficient bone for implant integration or whether it will be necessary to add a bone graft for dental implant treatment, in order to ensure correct osseointegration.

When there is not enough bone structure, the options for bone grafting for the treatment of dental implants are varied.

Although the application of these techniques may increase the costs of dental implant treatment in Delaware, there is no doubt that when they are necessary, their application will ensure the success of the dental implant treatment.

Below we describe the most successful techniques and those most used for dental implant surgeries in Sussex County.

Bone graft at time of implant placement

When implants are placed the same day that teeth are removed, the gap between the implant and the walls of bone that was holding the tooth is filled with a bone graft. This improves the esthetics of the case and increasses the amount of bone surrounding the implant.

Ridge preservation

Sometimes severe bone deficiency is seen around a tooth which has to be removed due to periodontal disease or infection of the nerve. In these cases, a bone graft material should be placed after the removal of the tooth to restore some of the missing bone necesary to place an implant after several months. This is a technique called socket preservation or ridge preservation.

Maxillary sinus lift

This procedure is used in the upper maxilla, when the patient lacks sufficient bone height to ensure the stability of the dental implants. It is performed by applying bone, in conjunction with a resorbable membrane into the area that requires more bone.

The advantage of adding maxillary sinus elevation through the use of bone grafts for dental implants is that it will allow the placement of dental implants in areas where it was previously impossible.