Benefits & Cost of dental implants

Dental implants improve the performance of your mouth when teeth are missing.

Dentures do not allow you to chew properly, they cause bone loss and damage the teeth on which they rest. Bridges have the disadvantage of having to file down adjacent teeth where they rest which leads to decay and failure long term. With dental implants you can recover the aesthetic and masticatory functionality of your mouth, effectively and definitively.

The main advantages of implants over fixed prostheses or bridges and/or dentures are

– Greater durability. Fixed and removable prostheses have an approximate durability of 10-15 years, implants can last almost a lifetime.

– Greater stability or comfort. They behave like your own teeth.

– Non invasive treatment. To make a bridge teeth adjacent to the area where the tooth/teeth are missing must be prepared or reduced, which will weaken those teeth.

– Dentures are supported by hooks or attachments on the teeth adjacent to the area where teeth are missing, which over time, will overload these teeth, weakening them.

– Implants allow the preservation of the jaw bone. When a tooth is lost, the jaw bone that was supporting the teeth will be reabsorbed or lost over time. The placement of dental implants prevents the re-absorption of bone in an area of the jaw without teeth.

Dental Implants vs full dentures?

Full dentures sit on top of the gums where the missing teeth were. It can be uncomfortable, might affect the taste of food, cause sores on your gums, and shift and click in your mouth when you speak, eat and smile. The initial costs are low but they only last an average of 7 to 15 years, and the replacement costs can be significant over the long term. They need to be removed regularly for cleaning, which can be a time-consuming hassle. The jaw bone that supports a complete denture may deteriorate over time, permanently changing the appearance of your smile and face.

Dental implants in Delaware are the best option to replace missing teeth. They are implanted into the jaw or gum so that they serve as an anchor for dental crowns and they won’t move or slip. They don’t require removal, special cleaning, or the use of adhesives, and maintenance is simple. If you brush them regularly like what you would do with your  natural teeth, a dental implant can be a lifelong solution to your tooth loss.

The main disadvantage of dental implants vs full dentures is the initial cost. That is the main cause why patients do not choose implants. However, when you consider the additional costs of dentures ( adhsives, repaits and replacement)  over time and the increase on life quality, implants are often a better financial solution worth the extra upfront cost.

How long do dental implants last? Dental Implants forever???

Inadequate dental care or lack of treatment when needed are the most common reasons for dental problems. The same is true for implants.  With routine dental care and check-ups, implants should last a lifetime but other factors like overall health (uncontrolled diabetes, thyroid problem et ) and bad habits ( smoking, poor oral hygiene etc) might impact negatively the health on an implant long term. Therefore, the answer to this question really is impossible to answer. Guarantees can not and should not be given.

Success can be influenced by the aftercare and the quality of dentist you have chosen for your implants. All of these can tip the balance in your favor.

Are dental implants painful?

Any type of dental surgery can involve some discomfort but patients generally find that the pain after the surgical treatment with implants in Southern Delaware Dental Specialist is minimal.

The placement of an implants in South Delaware usually causes very little to non existing discomfort. Local anesthesia, comonly known as novacaine, help eliminate the discomfort during the procedure.

Most patients report that the procedure of placing an implant is much more comfortable than they had anticipated.

After treatment, Dr sanz will prescribe medication to relieve any discomfort that may occur after treatment.

If you are concerned about discomfort during the procedure itself please visit our testimonials videos and reviews.

Price of a dental implant in Delaware?

Implant treatments in Delaware can be a high cost treatment. Implants in Georgetown are durable and have long-term stability becoming an affordable treatment long term. The price of an implant in Sussex county will depend on certain variables that our specialist in implants, Dr Sanz, will take into account when carrying out a detailed evaluation. This variables, factors must be taken into account and that can modify the final price of a dental implant in Georgetown.

Therefore an evaluation is important to know the final price of a dental implant. There are patients who have the quantity and quality of bone necessary to carry out this treatment quickly and easily.

The price of an implant in delaware may also vary depending on the knowledge, professionalism and experience that the surgeon has, since the salary changes from a recently graduated dentist to an endorsed professional with experience, postgraduate and master’s degrees.

Does my insurance covers implants??? In network implant treatment available?

Before you schedule your dental implant procedure in Georgetown, you will also want to check with your dental insurance company to see if they will cover the cost of a dental implant in Delaware. Most dental insurance policies won’t cover the cost of dental implants or bone grafts, although they may cover part of the procedure such as the extraction or the crown. We are in network with most of the major dental insurances in Delaware. We might be one of the very few in network periodontist in Delaware. We work closely with them. We will help you maximize the benefits of your insurance toward implant treatment.